Different Gems and Stones used for Jewelry Making


A jewelry item is even more beautiful if it is adorned with a gem or a semi precious stone, and women are usually more attracted to them. Wondering why? The answer is easy – a gem or a semi precious stone offers more value to the item, but they also sparkle and catch the eye.

There are different gems that are used by jewelers when they create the jewelry, and depending on how expensive they are or how exclusive, you will get to get a unique item or just something very beautiful. Let’s see some gems and semi precious stones that are used in jewelry making, as they each have different meaning and symbols.

The Diamond

This is the hardest stone that can ever be found in nature, and it is also the most beautiful, having thousands of sparkles in just one small piece. It’s a real gem, with a very high value, and it’s adequate for leaders and those who are looking for success. It’s a talisman for those who want to be the first in everything, bringing hope, love, sincerity and fidelity. It’s also called the stone of perfection, being a gem that helps the person who wears it to think clearly. It also brings wealth and abundance.

The Opal

It’s a semi precious stone and even if it doesn’t have a very defined color, you can see the same stone in different colors depending on how the light falls on it – it can be white or blue, yellow like a lemon or light-blue and it’s a stone that is adequate for those that love the change. In different moments of the day, depending on where the light falls, it will have a new color. It protects on different levels – love, luck and even health.

It’s used against depression, it gives you energy and it helps you in taking the right decision and sapphireincreases your capability to choose. It is said to contain water, so it will act as an intensifier especially if you like to meditate, increasing your emotional state.

The Carnelian

This semi precious stone is usually red and it symbolizes the fire, bringing you the love of life, energy and a good mood. It’s a stone that is highly energetic, for bringing luck into your life, love and prosperity. It can improve the benefic effects for the other stones that you are wearing, and you can assort it with anything else.

Throughout history, this semi precious stone has been used by warriors, as they were using it as a talisman against getting injured. Even in the Bible it is mention that Noah has used a carnelian lantern to get the Arch safely through the darkness of the night. Everyone from Egypt and Greece, and even Rome know about the qualities of this semi precious stone that is not just beautiful, but also offers protection.

The Aventurine

fc5a1c6ba070cf86e1e41480a26d8e8fThis is actually a type of quartz of a green color, light or dark, and it clarifies and stimulates your mental capabilities. It’s for those who are looking for creativity, independence, leadership and courage. It also helps stimulate the imagination and the will. It decreases your fears and your depression, along with the anxiety and excitability. It can bring equilibrium and balance, peace and inspiration, energy, prosperity, success and luck, and it can also help you taking the right decision in a stressful moment.

As a talisman, it brings you happiness, prosperity and a healthy mind.  It’s a stone for luck and hope, as it protects against the negative energies that can surround you. You can also combine this with other semi precious stones, and you’ll get a mixed effect from all of them.