GENL has its mission to effectively and profitably mine and market the finest quality African gem roughs in conformity with the customers demands, specifications and requirements.
To be the leading exporter of the finest quality African Gem roughs through competitive price, quality selection and complete display of dedication, honesty and integrity to the buyer.

Auwal Sani Adam

Welcome to your biggest African gemstones exporting company.
- Gemsexports… our roughs, like rainbow in the sky, amazingly different beautiful color of gem roughs.

- Rare and exotic roughs in all colors and sizes, yet affordable!
- Coming daily from the mines and gravel deposit too.
- Within the richly endowed Nigeria and mother Africa as a whole.
- Our roughs, carefully examined and selected with the faceter’s eye.
- Keeping the facet roughs and cabochons separate.
- For faceting, cabbing and carving needs.
- Just tell us your needs, by your doorsteps, it would be!
- It pays, it is rewarding and pleasant buying from us.
- You are welcome!

Auwal Sani Adam PRESIDENT/CEO.

Earth- Find- Digests is a monthly e-mail news letter that covers News, Updates, Researches, Event and special futures on Gemstones and other mineral resources from around Africa.
It is educating, entertaining, thrilling and above all make the Gem Trade hobby or profession a worth while hobby or investment. Earth- Find- Digest is a valuable source for information on the “One – Of – a – Kind – Earth – find” ! that Africa has to offer.
Earth-Find-Digests is the only monthly FREE Newsletter that can add value to any one with interest on Gemstone, especially if they originate from Africa.
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